To complement the web spots, we hired renowned superhero photographer Josh Rossi to help us turn our actresses into real life heroines.

Super hero girls launch

Warner Bros. came to us with the challenge of launching its new show, DC Super Hero Girls, a franchise that focuses on friendship, teamwork and female empowerment. With that in mind, we knew this couldn't be just another launch of a yet another cartoon - this was special. The messaging and resulting creative needed to be as powerful as the franchise itself. So we flipped an old paradigm on its head. What if rather than playing into the desire of kids wanting to be superheroes, we showed them how their favorite characters are already just like them? And so the "She's Like Me" campaign was born.

ECD: Valerie Moizel
ACD/AD: Brock Pisciotta
ACD/CW: Amanda Wallace
Art Director: Darren Nguyen