We also created short six second social videos specifically meant for vertical placements.
Utilizing emotional targeting methodology, we were able to serve up the perfect video to the perfect viewer.

The emoji world we created was extended into an interactive Facebook Canvas unit that allowed users to find out their emoji driving style, as well as an emoji colorizer showcasing the beauty of each color the all-new Camry is available in.


For the 2018 model year, Toyota completely redesigned the Camry. Now, not only can drivers feel confident their car will last, but they can also expect to feel thrill, pride, excitement and passion when behind the wheel of their new Camry.

So what's the best way to showcase these emotions on a social platform? Why, emojis of course!

Creative Director: Chris Pierantozzi
ACDs: Jeremy Carson/Brian Frost
Copywriter: Jamie Dos Santos
Art Director: Brock Piscciotta